Archive Fund Reaches Its Initial Goal!

We have done it! We reached our initial fund-raising goal of $38,000 to complete the first phase of digitizing the Eric Berne archive at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)!

On 9 August 2014 at the TA World Conference in San Francisco, we will be unveiling the Eric Berne Collection: an online digital archive of the work of Eric Berne. This material will then be available to learners around the world forever and for free. This collection will complete phase one of this project and will be comprised of approximately half of the material now held at the library. The UCSF library will also have a display of Eric’s papers and memorabilia on view during the San Francisco conference. All conference delegates and the public are invited to visit.

The UCSF library is also now featuring the Eric Berne Collection in its blog, and we invite you to follow our progress there:

During the first phase of this project, donations have been received from 80 individuals and 15 groups and associations around the world. The project was well received at the conferences in Chennai, Osaka, and Long Beach, and we have decided to continue with our fund-raising efforts to accomplish the second and final phase of the project. When we reach our final goal, we will have a complete digital collection of Eric Berne’s work.

Please join us and become a contributor as we work to increase the size of this online treasure. You can donate easily via credit card, PayPal, or check at

Your support will keep the legacy of Eric Berne and transactional analysis alive for generations to come.

The archive team members are Carol Solomon, Terry Berne, Ann Heathcote, Marco Mazzetti, and Gloria Noriega. Please send any questions to Carol at