Our Mission

The Eric Berne Archives at the University of California, San Francisco are a treasured resource for those studying the man who changed the way we think about psychotherapy, personality and communicating with others.

Eric Berne’s archival material will continue to be important to scholars researching his life and theory – and to Transactional Analysis practitioners who wish to develop a deeper understanding of the man and his body of work.

We now have the opportunity to make this archival material available online through the UCSF Library system, so that interested learners around the world can access it for generations to come.

By putting his archives online, we will forever preserve Eric Berne’s life’s work.

Since Dr. Berne’s death in 1970, the International Transactional Analysis Association (ITAA) has collected the following material related to his work in Transactional Analysis:

  • Published books, articles, papers and transcripts
  • Unpublished transcripts and articles
  • Video and audio tapes
  • Personal correspondence with people like Gertrude Stein, Paul Federn and Karl Menninger
  • Photos and other mementos from his family life

At the completion of the Eric Berne Online Archives Initiative we will have:

  • An online collection available for researchers, students and practitioners worldwide;
  • A page listing every person and organization that made the online archives possible; and
  • A place for additional material to be added as it becomes available.

The Eric Berne Online Archives Initiative has been launched by volunteers all over the world (see below) and by Terry Berne, Eric Berne’s son. In order to reach our goal, we need the help of everyone who has benefited from the teachings of Eric Berne. ITAA members, EATA and other association members, TA practitioners, authors, researchers and friends are invited to participate in this historic campaign. Please contact us to learn more about the Eric Berne Online Archives Initiative.