Letter of Support from ITAA President John Heath

Dear ITAA Member,

Our founder, Eric Berne, was a prolific writer and an enthusiastic observer of humanity. We already know this because much of his wisdom is preserved in published form and is freely available to us all. But there is a great deal more that he left us in various forms which has not so far seen the light of day. His legacy is still to be fully appreciated. Fortunately, a great deal of material has been preserved by the Berne family and others who were close to him and donated to the Univeristy of California where Eric Berne was a member of the faculty. Some of it is now fragile and not in a form which can easily be viewed by a wide audience. A small team of colleagues has taken on the task of archiving this priceless legacy in a form which is both secure and potentially academically useful. The project is going ahead, as self financing initiative, with the encouragement and endorsement of the ITAA. The success of the project is dependent on fund raising and on the generosity of individuals. I urge members to lend their support to this enterprise if they can, in the form of a financial contribution. Members will be kept informed of the progress of the project which I am confident will deliver us all a legacy which we can be truly proud of.

Thank you in advance for any support you feel able to give.

John Heath
ITAA President (2010-2015)