Letter of Support from EATA President Marco Mazzetti

The European Association for Transactional Analysis is proud and happy to support the Eric Berne Archives Project both financially and ideally. We are existing for Transactional Analysis, it means for developing TA not only organizationally but also, primarily, on the cultural level. We trust in this project for several reasons: it is a way to search for our roots and honor them; it is a way to celebrate the memory of Eric Berne, the founder of TA and our “Euhemerus” (as he referred to the primal leader of a community); and it is a way to reinforce our worldwide community, our international flavour, our common sense of belonging and our connections lead by Eric’s thoughts. We are happy that the project, with the support of several of our members, is proceeding successfully, and we do hope that soon we will reach the final goal of the complete digitalization of such a true goldmine as the Eric Berne Archives are, for the benefit of researchers, practitioners, and simply passionates for Transactional Analysis.

Marco Mazzetti
EATA President (2013-2015)

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