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Lettera di sostegno del Presidente EATA Marco Mazzetti

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L’Associazione Europea di Analisi Transazionale è felice e orgogliosa di sostenere il progetto “Archivi Eric Berne” finanziariamente e idealmente. Noi esistiamo per l’Analisi Transazionale, cioè per sviluppare l’AT, non solo sul piano organizzativo ma anche, prima di tutto, culturalmente. Crediamo nel progetto per diverse ragioni: è un modo di andare alla ricerca delle nostre radici e di onorarle; è un modo di celebrare la memoria di Eric Berne, il fondatore dell’AT e nostro “Euemero” (come egli definì i leader originari di una comunità); ed è un modo di rafforzare la nostra comunità mondiale, il nostro sapore internazionale, il nostro comune...

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Excellent Sociology Research Issues

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A biography publications contains explanation of someoneis lifestyle. It can be printed while in a guide or essay’s form. By reading that viewers can very quickly apprehend about that person who’s being explained. The audience can know what form of guy he is or what sort of life-he is currently driving. It depends on the author how that book was explained in by him. There might considerably type of kinds of these textbooks. Included in this early form form, modern form are very essential. Biography books are created. A Relationship book can be a form of guide where both peoples relationship is described. First, think about a...

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College Research Topics

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Writing about call centers will be considered a great idea as it can certainly get your tremendous achievement in your academic lifestyle and is fun. However, it’s definitely required that all-the information that is important is gathered by you in what the call locations are what are the equipment and software found in the phone call centre pcs and about the devices that are applied. This is not all-but there’s about unlimited details you’ll be able to devote your documents and term reports starting from the process of how callcenter consultant or extremely referred to as callcenter agents for the process of their work to how they shut their offers...

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Copyrights & Permissions

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Documents and/or photographs included in the Eric Berne collections preserved at the UCSF archives are protected by copyright. The publication or citation of brief fragments is allowed. However, those wishing to publish an entire letter or other document will need to submit a “permission to publish” form to the UCSF’s Polina Ilieva, and must pay the appropriate administrative fee. Permission for publication is given on behalf of the Library as the owner of the physical items and is not intended to include or imply permission of the copyright holder, which must be obtained by the researcher. You will need to get that permission from the current copyright holder,...

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Archive Fund Reaches Its Initial Goal!

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We have done it! We reached our initial fund-raising goal of $38,000 to complete the first phase of digitizing the Eric Berne archive at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF)! On 9 August 2014 at the TA World Conference in San Francisco, we will be unveiling the Eric Berne Collection: an online digital archive of the work of Eric Berne. This material will then be available to learners around the world forever and for free. This collection will complete phase one of this project and will be comprised of approximately half of the material now held at the library. The UCSF library will also have a display of Eric’s papers and memorabilia on view during the...

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